About Macaya

Macaya is a Transformationalist, Energy Healer and Teacher from Tucson, AZ. He contributes to people achieving lives of ease with their bodies, their money situation, their relationships, their careers, their emotions and so much more.

He is the Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing – Tools for Conscious Transformation and Energy Healing. Having been trained in 17 and created 47 different modalities of healing, he uses the tools of RICH Healing founded by himself and Vandana (Meryl) along with the tools and energies from the other modalities of healing he has learned to create amazing transformation in people’s bodies and lives.

One of his targets in life is to contribute to the world existing in a place of Oneness Consciousness where we all realize we are all One, which brings about Peace, Joy and Kindness to all. He facilitates people letting go of what’s holding them back and manifesting their dreams to live in a state of abundance, peace, prosperity, love, bliss and joy. In his sessions, through mental/emotional clearing and intense energy healing, he helps people achieve their dreams and highest levels of health and vitality!

Macaya does one-on-one Accelerated Light Healing Personal Sessions over the phone / skype and in-person in San Diego, California, facilitates group tele-classes and provides in-person and distance energy healing services and classes all over the world on topics such as Healing the Mind, Body and Emotions, Receiving, Activating the Sexual Energy in Your Body, Dealing with Stress, Having the Money you Truly Desire and Creating Phenomenal Relationships and more!

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