Accelerated Light Healing Trainings

Become an Accelerated Light Healing Practitioner!

Learn to use the Accelerated Light Healing energies to affect change in people’s bodies, lives, minds, emotions, spirits and more!!!

In the 3 Day Level 1 Training you will:

  • Learn how to use the Accelerated Light Healing Energies to heal the body using your innate healing abilities built in to your soul and body
  • Learn how to access specific ALH energies to heal for certain functions (like grounding, sexual healing, restoring memory ability, activating psychic abilities and more)
  • Learn how to Clear out Limiting Beliefs and Painful Emotions painlessly, in the blink of an eye!
  • Learn how to attract clients to your healing practice
  • Have your psychic and intuitive abilities activated to an entirely new level
  • And so much more…

These trainings will be available in-person and as an online course and will be scheduled early 2015.  Sign up for your free gift on the right to be notified when these trainings are scheduled!