Why Experience An Accelerated Light Healing Session?
As the pathways of light grow stronger in your body, you may temporarily feel more stress, intensity and overwhelm if you resist, go to sleep or try to separate from your new awakened self. The accelerated changes you are noticing are planting seeds of light to prepare you to release old patterns of limitation and ego based judgment so you can experience your soul awakening. Because of the increased light on the earth, we are now shifting into the field of infinite higher love and unity consciousness.

Ask your embodied soul if it is ready to have a direct experience of Divine reality. 

If your whole being, bodies, systems and field are all lighting up and aligning with the new found liberation of your soul’s inner knowing and calling, then Macaya and Vandana invite you to experience the truth of Oneness the sacred Source of life that can become your living reality.

To ease this spiritual transformation process and influx of light, Macaya and Vandana invite you to step into the quantum field of accelerated light to help you navigate the inner and outer changes you might be experiencing now and in the future.The beloved realms of light desire you to remain anchored in the presence of the unexpected and to support and inspire you during this time of sacred transition.

Macaya and Vandana have been gifted and downloaded with the beloved Realms of Light which are part of the right ‘hand’ of God. These realms of accelerated light oversee and maintain our harmonic vibrational frequencies and support all of life as we integrate the divine feminine and masculine aspects within us. The interdimensional light realms offer comfort to those of us existing in all realms, universes and dimensions who are on the advanced path toward God-consciousness.

During this time of great change, we’re being called upon to care for our body more than ever before by nurturing and purifying our physical, emotional and spiritual vessels of light. We can no longer mistreat our bodies the way we’ve done before. Everything is being magnified and accelerated at this time.

This purification process and Accelerated Light Healing Transmission is here to unfold your divine essence so  that your true nature can be revealed.

Some light body ascension symptoms that many people are noticing are:

  • Having unusual or unexplainable energetic experiences or body symptoms that have no medical explanation
  • A re-emergence of old chronic physical symptoms that you thought were healed or transmuted
  • Sudden and accelerated changes in your relationships and in your communication with loved ones
  • Old friends, relatives and lovers might be leaving your life without explanation to make room for new and more supportive nurturing relationships to show up as if by magic

An Accelerated Light Healing Session can ease any discomfort and overwhelm these changes might bring up as well as reduce fear, stress and anxiety as you ascend into your light body with ease and grace. A session or series of sessions can help you absorb more spiritual light as you release vibrational density and harmonically align with the higher frequencies of light. Our bodies are sacred and offer us divine guidance and messages every day.

During a session, you’re gifted the life changing opportunity and safe sacred space to tune in and trust the wisdom of your bodies. As we listen to and grow in light, our bodies become a clear, perfect and purified channel as we align with our soul’s divine purpose.

Macaya and Vandana are here to be your support system on all levels of being during this time.

Other light body ascension symptoms that can be greatly  reduced, altered or eliminated include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Exhaustion
  • Unusual aches and pains
  • Back and neck spasms
  • Inflammations, rashes and eruptions
  • Intense emotions
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Sensitivities to energies
  • Sensitivities to environmental toxins
  • New experiences orienting to time and space
  • Strong reactions to herbs
  • Fragrance sensitivity

Step into your new light body with ease, grace, space and magical possibilities today!