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“That was…..indescribable. Lifted significantly a cloud of depression and desperation.. dispelled a heavy cloud of density clinging to my immediate field.”
-Sunny Gil

“You and Patrick have no idea how much you both helped me. Today, August 23rd is my Independence Day. Between your RICHing and RACEing and MERCABAing and my PAINTing and who knows what else, I am moving back into ME!!! Last night I shared on your call that the artwork that I started prior to your workshop scared the living daylight out of me. It was based on a figure that came to me which was demonic and dark. During the call I mentioned letting it come out and who knows what next, maybe shred it?. So today I am happy to say I had no fear and resumed painting to completion.It happens to be a powerful painting!Thank you both!”
-Tanya Au

“I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you for the incredible audio. The one on Integrating your Home Planet Energies.I’ve listened to it several times. I must confess that the first few times I totally fell asleep while listening to it. Mainly because I listen to it before going to bed and of course, being super tired doesn’t help. 🙂 But I know it’s still ok to play it and the mind and soul pick up what they will need.Anyway, Meryl That guided meditation is fabulous.And your clearing Patrick awesome!Sensitive,caring.Just beautiful.

Thank you eternally for tonight’s awesome call.I have no words to explain how I feel.All I can say is thank you and I look forward to working with you again. You two make a phenomenal team.”
-Araceli Collazo

“THANK YOU! ************************************************************************
I attended “The Energy of Abundance &; Money Webinar today W/Macaya &; Vandana!! It was UNBELIEVABLE!! An Energy Worker/Healer myself w/a diverse background in Psychic Training and Healing/Energy Work (Aura, Angels, Chakras, Past Lives) etc. it was INCREDIBLE to receive such AMAZING results from 2 AWESOME Beings of Light!! This was my 1st Energy Webinar as most Seminars I attend are in person. I was quite impressed with their information and the ease and grace that flowed through their “Teaching/Sharing” of information. I HIGHLY Recommend taking a class or Seminar/Webinar with them, they are OUTSTANDING!! Blessings to You Macaya &; Vandana, THANK YOU for the LIGHT and LOVE your are Sharing/Spreading W/this Planet. We are ALL BLESSED to be a part of it!!
-Kristi Lauchstedt”
-Kristi Lauchstedt

“Hey you two amazing souls….you guys are the real thing. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the Merkaba activation and all the other wonderful magical workshops. Light is flooding out of my eyes; the clarity is most amazing. I traveled to the stars and back. RICHing & RACEing all night long. Again, thank you. I you guys!”
-Tanya Au

“Thank you for the healing i am in full bilss you both have a very high vibration that can be felt way over here. Your voice takes me to a place where love and light prevail. Much blessings to you thanks.”
-Philip Thompson

“Greetings beings! My name is Aswala Aaron-Cole, I am delighted to have gotten the privliage to have a conscious coaching session with Meryl Brinin and Patrick for the first time this Wednesday. The experience was awesome and I can’t wait to continue in my spiriutal journey with these light workers. I was listening in for a while a little shy, scared, so many emotions. As I listened, everything they said was so relevant to my life as a whole and specifically to things I’m going thru right now. Once Meryl opened the lined and engaged me into this enlightening experience- as I talked and let RICH HEALING deal with the many issues I began to address and let go, I felt lighter, energized to GO and DO what it is for me to DO on this Planet! Now I still feel the need have guidance as I begin to dissect and conquer my goals, but now I have and feel a true OPENING within and for my children. Thank you lightworkers, until next time, peace unto EVERYONE!”
-Aswala Aaron-Cole

“Wow, Thanks so much to both of you that was the first time I have ever been like a joyful, happy six year old its really is like joy embodied.

From these tele-calls I received:
• expansion in all directions physically with my body and how I perceive/receive this reality
• increase in ease in my body, being and my reality
• increase in joy in my body
• increased possibilities (and expanded awareness of the possibilities )
• increased clarity on where I am working against myself and what I could choose differently that would bring change
• more ease with change
• less the effect of and more
stepping into the driver’s seat of my life and my reality
• more awareness/acknowledgment of when/where others are abusing me and my willingness to step out of that
• more willingness to be in allowance of others and myself”
-Judy Wooff, Saskatchewan, Canada

“I really appreciated the space that you created, it felt really safe!”
-Sam Squires

“Thank you for the valentine call and clearings! and all the amazing clearings and activations before that I am so different, so much more joyful and turned on and aware of whenever I am picking up other people’s stuff If I am bringing someone up in my awareness and then I start to feel wonky and I am aware it is their’s and I can’t do anything with it, I can [now] expand and be space just letting you know how amazing this is for me and how I appreciate you and the gifts you’ve given me!”

“That called rocked! I really tuned into some specific stuff about being onstage in Vegas. So cool, issues just kinda came up and vaporized! I was left with a powerful feeling of matter-of-fact reality of my intended outcome. Thank you!”
-Mark McMahon, Tucson, AZ